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Alan Berkson
Intelligist Group

Alan Berkson is founder and principal at the Intelligist Group, a business strategy advisory service. In a fast-changing economic and technological landscape, he specializes in fostering change within organizations to ensure growth and profitability. Beginning with an in-depth discovery process he applies a system for helping businesses move past blockages, leverage unidentified or underutilized assets, and identify opportunities for growth.

Mr. Berkson is a seasoned leader and innovator with diverse Director, C-Level, and Strategic Consultant experience. He has provided top-tier service to companies from one-person firms to enterprise-level corporations—across Wall Street, the United Nations and Main Street—by wielding his own brand of non-traditional business strategy. Twenty-five years of entrepreneurial experience in a broad range of vertical markets has given him a unique ability to help businesses find their “undiscovered assets.” His greatest successes have been in helping businesses maximize value from their core strengths and by aiding/nudging/cajoling the creative process.

Curious? Check us out at Intelligist Group.

Alan is also a principal at InfoManage Corporation and he blogs about technology in the InfoManage Technology Report.

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